TiO2 Paste HG-NPT17 10 g

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TiO2 paste for screen printing, doctor blading and spin coating processes.

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HG-NPT17 made by H.Glass SA in Switzerland is a Titanium Dioxide Paste.

It has an average of 17 nm particle size and stable anatase nanoparticles that are highly dispersed.

HG-NPT17 can be used by screen-printing and doctor blading. Spin-coating is also possible after dilution in Alcohol (Ethanol, 2-propanol or Butanol). The paste must be annealed at 450 to 500o C. After annealing, the layer of the TiO2 will be highly transparent. The transparency of the TiO2 layer for thicknesses up to 7 μm on FTO glass is even higher than the uncoated FTO glass. For screen printing, if you use 32T, 61T or 90T mesh for a printed layer, you can get TiO2 thicknesses of 6.8 μm, 3.7 μm or 2.0 μm, respectively. After printing and annealing, the surface of the TiO2 layer has high uniformity. From the BET surface area analysis, the surface area of HG-NPT17 is 86.183 m2 g-1. It is suitable for the TiO2 nanoporous structure like the dye-sensitized solar cell system.

BET data

Surface area 86.183 m2 g-1
Average diameter of pores 16.093 nm
Middle diameter of pores 14.081 nm

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